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Cobblestone Farm - You know what you are eating with Cobblestone Farm Highland Beef

You know what you are eating with Cobblestone Farm Beef.”

Cobblestone Farm is located in East Troy, Wisconsin.  Located at the edge of the pristine and preserved Kettle Moraine Forest, it is seemed only logical to raise a breed of cattle of similar nature. 

The Scottish Highland breed is renowned across the world for its exquisite beef.  The Highland beef have the natural ability of producing a lean beef with good marbling throughout.  The breed is known for its ability to browse with extreme efficiency and thus maintaining body condition with ease on less than desirable conditions.  This is not to say that they can live on tree bark and twigs, however the highland with its natural hair coat maintain body heat and cooling without needing layers of fat for survival.  The breed has remained pure and due to its smaller frame and horns has survived the disasters of the feedlot cattle breeds.

Cobblestone Farm raises purely highland cattle.  Our carcasses produce exceptional beef that is flavorful, tender, and has good marble throughout.  The beef is naturally lean, not dry, but lean.  The taste of the beef reflects the lands they are raised in much like the flavor of a fine wine.  Our cattle graze fields of grasses and clover from spring to late fall.  In the winter months they are fed  good quality hay that is also baled from the same local lands.  Due to the extensive grazing our beef has higher amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids.

All of our animals are socialized.  We take the time to get to know all our animals so they are calm and quiet and not easily stressed.

We welcome visitors with appointments.

Beef Price List
Prime Steaks (Ribeyes, NY strips, Porterhouse etc.) $15.00/#
Sirloin $10.75/#
Tenderloins (whole, by order)
Filets $22.00/#
Sirloin Tip Roast $10.25/#
Brisket $ 9.50/#
Liver $ 4.50/#
Hamburger $ 5.25/#
Beef Sticks $ 8.00/ for 6
Stew Meat $ 4.25/#


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